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Details Beyond-Identity-Politics-Feminism-Power-and-Politics

Beyond Identity Politics A Feminist Politics of Difference engages with key contemporary issues such as difference, identity and subjectivity, and their relation to power and politics. Full description

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Details Partisan-Politics-in-Global-Economy-Cambridge-Studies-in-Comparative-Politics

Partisan Politics in Global Economy (Cambridge Studies in Comparative Politics)

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Details Visions-of-Politics-3-Volume-Hardback-Set-Visions-of-Politics-Visions-of-Politics-Hardcover

Visions of Politics: Regarding Method v.1 First of three volumes of essays by Quentin Skinner, one of the world's leading historians. Full description

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Details Patriots-Politics-and-the-Oklahoma-City-Bombing-Cambridge-Studies-in-Contentious-Politics

[{ Patriots, Politics, and the Oklahoma City Bombing (Cambridge Studies in Contentious Politics) By Wright, Stuart A ( Author ) Jun - 11- 2007 ( Hardcover ) } ]

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Details Women-and-British-Party-Politics-Routledge-Advances-in-European-Politics-Band-51

Women and British Party Politics Women and British Party Politics examines the characteristics of women s participation at the mass and elite level in contemporary British politics; as voters, party members and elected representatives respectively. It ...

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Details Judicial-Politics-in-Texas-Partisanship-Money-and-Politics-in-State-Courts-Teaching-Texts-in-Law-and-Politics-Band-36

Partisanship, Money, and Politics in State CourtsGebundenes BuchIn recent years, judicial elections have changed dramatically. The elections themselves have become increasingly partisan, interest group involvement in judicial races has escalated ...